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Nov 03, 2006 at 01:12 PM

Next Question about NWDS/WDJ Tutorial #2 - bottom of page 29


At the bottom of p.29 of the NWDS/WDJ Tutorial #2, it says to rebuild the project and deploy/run the application so that you can see the "runtime behavior" of the app at this stage of development.

OK - so I get a clean rebuild with no errors.

I also get a clean deploy/run with no errors.

But when the application "pops", there is nothing but a blank frame.

I know this is not a config problem, because I can still run the Tutorial #1 application and have it "pop" the way it is supposed to.

I have redone the tutorial up to page 29 twice now to make sure I have made no mistakes.

But I still get that d***d blank frame when I do what it says to do at the bottom of page 29.

What might have I done wrong that I'm not aware of ??

And how can I tell what I've done wrong if the rebuild and the deploy/run are clean with no error messages ???

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.