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ASN is not triggering after PGI completed through IDOC

Apr 06, 2017 at 05:46 PM


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HI friends,

I have a issue in triggering of ASN after PGI completed. The scenerio is our client do the post goods issue through EDI Message Type: SHPCON & Basic Type: DELVRY07 . we are are able to do the goods issue smmothly. all the post goods activities are triggring like workflow update, material doc generating etc etc . but the ASN is not triggering. ASN is triggering when I do the PGI through VL02N by ckicking PGI button but same not happening while posting the goods issue through EDI.

Am I missing something I mean to say some qualifier in IDOC segment or someting needs to be added in the segments??? or need to do some enhencement ??

Please advise me its very important and is a showstopper process in my implemention.

Please advise.. :)

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Jürgen L
Apr 06, 2017 at 07:41 PM

please check your settings for parameter 'No OutputDet.' in transaction VL10CUC , it should be empty in profile 2000 to trigger messages

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Hi Jurgen,

Thank you for the response will check the same, waiting for some approval. But by going through the F1 help the description says " If this indicator is set, Output determination and saving output in the delivery is not active"

but my output is triggering if I will click on PGI button through VL02N. can you clarify more on this Please .

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What is unclear? the field name is "No OutputDet" which means when the indicator is active then you have no output determination, and when it is not active the output determination is carried out.

Because of that it shall be blank to get an output determination.

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Thank Jürgen The issue is solved now. Thank you very much for the advise. :)