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Apr 06, 2017 at 04:00 PM

Univers designer @prompt in table name



Before anything else, i use Webi and web rich client.

My bi serveur is a Windows server 2012 R2.

My database is a sql server 2008 R2.

My version is 4.1 Support Pack 7 Patch 5

I have a problem with one of my univers.

One of the table in univers have a particular syntax :

It is writen like this :

DB_NAME.dbo.[FIRST_PART_@Prompt('Give a year or type NOW','A',,MONO,FREE)_SECONDE_PART]

It's writen like this because you have between 50 and 80 millions lignes per year/table.

So it's a horizontal split by year.

I would like replace the DB_NAME for a problem of right, however i can't :

I wonder how it can be so long, maybe BO6.5 allow more character.

So i reduce the message and there is no warning.

Now the table name is written like this :


I have double quote around my table and it's impossible to delete it ! Webi don't work with double quote.

I search in the entrerprise documentation/tip and i find something on BO 6.5, you can change the name of the table on BO6.5 referential database (unv_table) like this :

update unv_table

Set tab_name = 'New table name@prompt(..)'

Where TABLE_ID = 'XXX'


So, you can delete the double quote. Now i don't know how to do that. Maybe there are another solution to have all my split tables into one table in the univers with an invite.

I can't change the table name as BO6.5 in my case, the name is in the repository Files on the Windows server 2012 R2. If i change, the univers is corrupted.

I want all my past table : 2000 to 2017 and feature table (table doesn't exist 2018,2019....)

Maybe the derived table is a solution, but @prompt don't work in my case.

Thank you