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Nov 02, 2006 at 04:31 PM

Decrypt using Triple-DES algorithm


Hi folks,

The scenario is: My client receives messages in XML format; some of the fields are encrypted with algorithm Triple-DES. This information is stored into a Z table of a SAP ERP 2005. The idea is develop an ABAP report that reads this table and decrypt the encrypted fields.

I already read all most information about Triple-DES on SAP help. The SSF (Secure Store and Forward) supports this kind algorithm. But a contradiction happens, the Triple-DES is a symmetric algorithm (the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt data), however, the infrastructure mentioned on a SAP Help shows only the public key technology (asymmetric cryptography). Also SFF functions have parameters to fill, like recipient information, etc… it means that those functions are to be used with public key algorithm?

As I have all the encrypted data into the tables and also the private key on my own, I think that I only need to call a function to decrypt data. So, it means only a SSF_DEVELOPE function is necessary?

I have more questions:

Where is the safe place to save the private key? (Transaction)

Which extra configurations I need to do to start my ABAP report?

Which functions of a SSFG function group I need to use? Like I said before I think that I only need to decrypt the encrypted data, so it means only a SSF_DEVELOPE function is necessary?

Thanks a lot for your help.