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Former Member
Nov 02, 2006 at 01:06 AM

configuration of ESS for Stand alone ITS


hello all,

heres the issue.

(R/3 system version 4.7,Ep6.0,ITS 6.2,WEBAS 6.4)

i am trying to change the text of a field name for eg: (in IT0002 birth name to maiden name)in the ess iview, not in the R/3 system.

this is what i think i have to do..

a) i have to copy the function group and and the function modules and make changes in them (i donno where in the fM i have to make changes).

b) have to point the transaction pz13 to this function module that i copied and changed(in table t77www_sc).

c)make changes to the HTML templates under the service.

do i need to make changes in the function group and the function modules and the HTML templates, since i just need to see this changes only on the portal side do i just change the HTML templates(and how to change them) and not the function group containing the modules.

I do not see the PZ13 transaction under the repository browser in it beacuse the connections between the R/3 and ITS is not established ?do i need a plug in or something that i need to install on the R/3 system in order to see these services pz02,pz13 etc...

would really appreciate a detailed explanation.