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Former Member
Nov 01, 2006 at 04:19 PM

Query Views from Same query not performing consistently


Hi there:

My situation is as follows. I have a query which is supporting several query views. Within the query I have customer exit variables which are prepopulating current year and current month and both variables are working correctly. Both values are also configured for "ready for input" and "can change during navigation".

There are some views however which are reverting back to the year and month values which were populated at the time the query views were saved. There are other views which are correctly updating to the correct year and month. Again all of these views are supported by the same query.

So my question is why are some of the views reverting back to the year and month and not the true current year and month when all views are using the same query and the same variables?

I believe I have all settings consistent across all the views and I am just overlooking a simple thing here.