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Does anyone miss seeing 10 pages of people profiles when searching for "abap"?

Apr 06, 2017 at 07:41 AM


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ABAP is not only a popular programming language but also a popular community name. With almost 3000 profiles using the term "abap," searching for this term and that of other popular SAP products and topics used to show pages of profiles at the top of results, ahead of all the content.

Well, not anymore. Do you miss that experience?

Profiles have now been demoted so if you're really looking for someone, you'll have to select People from the Types (filter).

Happy searching.

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4 Answers

Jelena Perfiljeva
Apr 07, 2017 at 03:32 PM

Sorry to rain on SAP's parade but this website is way ahead of you already:

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This is about site search (see examples within post).


I know that your post was about the site search. My point is why would anyone use site search when Google is better and faster? I've been pointing this out since at least 2009 and so far consumed a lot of popcorn watching SAP trying to make the internal search to work. Yet Google continues to be ahead of you IMHO. Just fold it already and concentrate on something else.


Google has not indexed all community member profiles, for one. So it would not be the best way to find another member.


Now I'm utterly confused... I thought you were saying that if someone was searching, say, for "abap" as a general term then they would get 10 pages of people profiles (instead of the actual information about ABAP, I assume?). And now this has been fixed. (?) So my point was: why would anyone search for "abap" on SCN instead of just going to Google in the first place. And you're replying that Google is not a good place to find a person. Err... The announcement was not about searching for a person. Sorry, either I'm missing something or the logic seems to be off.

By the way, Google "abap" works just as well. Although I can't imagine why anyone other than a moderator would ever search for the users with generic "abap" in the name.

Scratching my head...


You can use Google, Bing, Yahoo, site search...whatever works for you. I can't tell people what to use or want to comment on why would prefer one or another, which would be a separate discussion.

This post was a notification for site search users who have encountered the particular issue mentioned. Based on the analytics data, there are enough users of site search that have encountered this now and in the past warranting an improvement to the specific use case mentioned.


In this specific case Google does not do much better than the site search (if you are looking for a user name).

Just in case somebody needs that in the future - I think, I have found some way to get better results for user names via - by adding +title: in the URL (very user-friendly).

It is surprising, but searching for vasil in via the site search returns even more results than abap (3.9k vs 2.8k).

The same search in Google returns 14 entries (some of these are not useful).

If I use the additional title filtering, I get 41 results in (they looked relevant).

If I use intitle:vasil in Google, I would get only 2 results - relevant, but not enough.

So, probably Jason is right, that the indexing by Google is not complete and searching from there is not an optimal solution, at least not yet.

Veselina Peykova
Apr 07, 2017 at 05:09 PM

The problem is not that so many people used ABAP as a part of their user name (2.8k), it is the SAP search giving you wrong results.

If you search for "ABAP" and filter by content 'People' you also get all people, who had anything with name ABAP in their profile - part of a blog title, followers, following, question titles (you get the idea). Look at page 100 of your search example (

If you try, it is easier to spot that...

What I really miss, is a working search with various parameters (especially tag combinations - managed/user/primary/secondary), and/or/not options, intitle, intext etc., which the user can specify on his own... like in Google and DuckDuckGo. :)

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Still...if you search for ABAP on site search you won't see page after page of profiles at the top of results unless you choose "People" from the type filter. (Ditto for ERP, CRM.) How is demoting the profile results "the wrong results"? This has to be some sort of improvement?


I suppose, that there is a small misunderstanding - I am not against the demotion of results from People by default, I agree, this is an improvement, I agree. I simply tried to point out, that the reason for seeing 2.8k entries when searching for ABAP and filtering by People, is not just because this is a popular forum name (ABAP being a part of the user ID). Another reason is that people write blogs, ask and answer questions about ABAP :)

If I understood correctly, this search works similar to ABAP, but if you are looking for a specific user and you don't know the exact user name, there is no easy way to specify in the site search not to show just anything found in anybody's user profile (questions, blogs, answers, followers, following), but search only in the actual user names. In contrast, has a user search, where you see results only for the user names, containing the specific search criteria. In my opinion, this is a more useful option. By "wrong results" I meant what an end user expects from a search in People type vs. what is the technical realization.

I hope, that in the future there would be a way to specify via an additional parameter that you are really looking for a user name. Right now, neither the site search, nor the custom Google search handle this case very well (I also tried intitle and inurl in Google for, but, for some reason, the list of results was surprisingly small).

Tuncay Karaca Apr 07, 2017 at 04:09 PM

Jason - Very good point! Yes I missed better search results.

I just did Google Advance search for abap on and it gives certainly better results. This is below first page, check following pages you will see real profile names... At least @horst.keller comes as second result.

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Give it a try on site search (see examples within post).


I know it's about site search. Just wanted to pointed out Google advance search gives better result in terms of result order etc. for just


Google has not indexed all community user accounts (incomplete index).

Jason Lax
Apr 09, 2017 at 10:21 AM

This scenario was a common frustration on search before the recent change: Users would search for a basic term such as "abap" or "crm" on they would see only page after page of search results for people called "abap" or "crm" (or "abap guru", "abap expert", etc).

Now users will have to select the type "people" find profiles. Turns out this is not a common scenario, by the way. We are still refining this so that it can be more flexible but we had a chance to suppress people results until then.

A parameter appears in the URL when you select Type: People (&f=TYPE%3Apeople). If you mean within the query itself, perhaps try mentioning the source name where the profiles are hosted using quotation marks. e.g. Query = "sap people" Veselina Peykova.

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