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Design Studio 1.6 SP04 Dropdown List Issue in same selections

Apr 05, 2017 at 05:38 PM


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Hi Experts,

I'm working over Design Studio 1.6 SP04 especificaly using a dropdown list component. The behavior of the solution is to use a dropdown list filed dinamicaly as result of other filters and then use the dropdown list's values to filter other components. That works ok, but this filters often fills the dropdown list with common values and in this case I get an issue

Letme make an example:

I have the folow:

The Load Button contains:

DROPDOWN_1.addItem("A", "A");
DROPDOWN_1.addItem("B", "B");
DROPDOWN_1.addItem("C", "C");
DROPDOWN_1.addItem("D", "D");

The Load2 Button contains:

DROPDOWN_1.addItem("E", "E");
DROPDOWN_1.addItem("B", "B");
DROPDOWN_1.addItem("G", "G");
DROPDOWN_1.addItem("H", "H");

Notice that the value "B" on both Load buttons are the only same value...

The clear button contains:


The Get Value button cotains:

var value=DROPDOWN_1.getSelectedValue();


On select event of drop down list:

var value=DROPDOWN_1.getSelectedValue();


The test is:

1.- I clic on Load Button: It fills the dropdown list

2.- I select the B value from dropdown list, the on select event sets B to the Text Component

3.- I clic on Clear button: it deletes all items on dropdown list except the selected one "B"

4.- Just to make sure, I clic on get value button to see the selected value: the value is empty

5.- I clic on load2 button to fill the dropdown list with new parameters: it automaticaly sets the firsth value as selected

6.- Just to make sure (again), I clic on get value button to see the selected value: the value is E as expected

7.-I clic on "B" value as the previus selection, It is expected to run in the select event and change the text value to "B", but only change the label in the dropdown list

8.-Just to make sure (again) I clic on get value button to see the selected value: the value is "E" not "B"

9.- I change the selection to H getting the expected result and then return to "B" value and "E" value in all of them the result is that expected

Only if my second selection is the same as the firsth one I can't get the expected behavior on dropdown list

Any coments will be really apreciated


Eduardo Herrera

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Mustafa Bensan Apr 06, 2017 at 12:51 AM

Hi Eduardo,

I have been able to replicate your issue in DS 1.6 SP04 and specifically Step 3. When the Clear button is pressed, the DROPDOWN_1.removeAllItems() should in fact remove everything, including the currently selected item. The fact that it doesn't suggests that this is a bug in SP04. This is re-enforced by the fact that when I run the same app in DS 1.6 SP03, the Clear button works exactly as expected and removes all items, including the selected item.

I suggest you raise an SAP Support Ticket to resolve this issue.



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Former Member

Hi Mustafa,

Sorry for the delay, I've already inform about the issue to my company's suport area for the ticket. I hope they rise the ticket soon


Eduardo Herrera

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Former Member

Hi Eduardo

I have met same problem,what message SAP reply to you to solve this issue~?

Thanks a lot!


Jerry Kuo