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Apr 05, 2017 at 05:14 PM

Relation of Production Receipts KF with other KF


Hello Gurus,

Please help me with my issue here.

- A BOM, which says use 4 Tyres (Components) to make 1 Car (Product) and X (Co-Product)

- They are maintained appropriately with Source Type-P for Car and Source Type-C for X, Co-Product.

- The component & product co-efficients were maintained accordingly

Now the question.

Q1) If i say the "Production Receipts" for Product car as 100, where can i see that i will be needing 400 Tyres (Components).

Q2) if its possible, what Key Figure can display that

Q3) What standard Key Figure can give me the Costs of making those 100 cars, as per the standard cost maintained

Please share any inputs on this