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Operational Data Stores in OPInt

Apr 05, 2017 at 01:13 PM


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Hi, I am trying to generate a business scenario based on a operational data store, whose source table has three columns (all of them are primary keys):

1) the case ID ["CASE_ID"]

2) the activity description ["ACTIVITY"]

3) the timestamp (when an activity has occurred for a certain case) ["TIMESTAMP"]

When adding the events, I set the condition "ACTIVITY" = '<activity_name>' to define the event corresponding to the occurrence of the activity <activity_name>; and I set "TIMESTAMP" for the observed time.

When generating the business scenario, I see the process phases on as I defined them, but there are no instances. The context has no rows.

Does anyone know why?

Many thanks.

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Andrew Frigaard Apr 10, 2017 at 08:29 AM

Hi Fabio,

I don't have direct experience of using an operational data store, but you can troubleshoot at the table level to see if there are any instances and events.

I would look at these tables (your table names will be different depending on the package naming and Scenario name) - are there any rows, and are are new rows added when you add data to the operational data store?

"SYS_PROCESS_VISIBILITY"."OPI.OPI_XXXX.gen_xxxx::SPVR_XXXX_EVT_CUR" - has the current, most recent event for each instance

"SYS_PROCESS_VISIBILITY"."OPI.OPI_XXXX.gen_xxxx::SPVR_XXXX_EVT" - has all events for the instances

Then there are also some log tables that you can check to see if the correlation is running. Like these





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Many thanks Andrew,

by doing something else than what I described in my question, I get what I want in all tables you mentioned (also in the context table). When I go on, though, even if everything looks fine when I open the scenario (image1.png), when I click on an instance, the designed phases are not available in the Status section (image2.png).

This problem occurs also for other scenarios which I had already created with the process observer previously, so it may be a opint configuration problem.

Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem?

immagine.png (38.2 kB)
immagine1.png (27.1 kB)