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Oct 26, 2006 at 04:08 PM

JMS adapter does not recover from error


Hello everyone,

We are noticing some strange behavior with the JMS adapter, and would like your help. We have messages coming into XI from WebSphere MQ. We have configured a Sender Comm channel (MQ_SENDER) with the appropriate JMS adapter, with a specified queue name (TEST.Q) . We have installed the appropriate MQ-JMS libraries for v6.0.

Here's the problem scenario... initially the application sending the messages to the specified queue was putting an incorrectly formatted MQRFH2 structure in the message. Predictably, this caused our comm channel to fail, and it shows up on the adapter monitor in the failed state with the message "MQJMS1050: The MQRFH2 header has an incorrect format Code: MQJMS1050". This in itself is not a problem, we realized that the application was sending a malformed message. The problem occurs when we fixed the sending application to completely strip out the MQRFH2 header altogether. When the new message is sent, the comm channel seems "stuck" on the previous error, and does not even pick up the new message from the queue. The adapter monitor continues to show the same error for the comm channel. Now when we modified the comm channel to read from a DIFFERENT queue (TEST2.Q) , the comm channel got out of the error state and is able to successfully process new messages coming into that queue. However, when we revert the comm channel back to the original queue (TEST.Q) it reverts back to the original MQJMS1050 error, and does not pick up new messages on the queue.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...