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Oct 26, 2006 at 01:16 PM

Java crptography level files


hi all,

please any body can give the perfect information regarding this.

i am struggling alot with this issue. please help me.

while i am installing Netweaver 2004 EP 6.0

Issue 1:

instaling window is like this...

Java System> SAP Java Cryptographic Toolkit

cryptography level : Weak and Strong

if i choose weak, installion is continuoing but i cant get all featers

after installation.

so actually i want strong apart from this.

if i choose strong it is asking files like follows:

SAP Java Library Archive -

browse files

JCE Unlimited Strength jurisdiction ploicy Archive----

browse files

here which files i have to give in path??

Secure Store files:

Encrypt secure store

Key phrase----


and finally information as

Additional information:

The SAP Java cryptographic Toolkit is an optional part of the java system. you need it to

enable SSL and HTTPS connections and to encrypt the secure store in the file system.

we strongly recommend that you use Strong for the Cryptography level

of productive systems. for test or development systems you may also use weak encryption. that would result in a Base64 encoded passwot encryption only.

i didnt understand this perfectly. although i want Strong

which files i have to choose please .....