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Oct 26, 2006 at 01:00 PM

Context in Mapping .... why is SUPPRESS kicking data away?



I have a mapping problem.

There is a node with a subnode. In the subnode there are 2 elements.

If the subnode exists I have to use this elements (concat) for mapping to a target element, if not I have to set current date to target element.

So far so nice!

I added

subnode <exists> <split by value> <if else> -> target.

The test looks nice but if one subnode is missing, the resultlist in the queue is moved up,

(e.g. subnode 10 is missing, so queue moves result from subnode 11 to 10 and continues with that). Result: Last elements for target get a SUPPRESS in the queue and are not filled (target element is not generated!)

This means looks like using the else condition (current date) fails!

**added** The SUPPRESS in the queue in the if/else function semms to come from the result in the exits function. here the missing subnode (result=false) is handled with a SUPPRESS on the IN side of the queue.***

How can I get the required result (with standard functions)?

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