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Oct 26, 2006 at 04:58 AM

Configuring TMS Workflow in nw2004s


Hi all,

We currently use STMS in a 2 system environment (DEV, PRD) and are looking at using TMS workflow for an approval to PRD. The online documentation states the following to set this up:

Configuring the Transport Workflow


Use the transport workflow to automate your transport process. It is an efficient way of transporting selected requests in your system landscape. An explicit approval step before the import guarantees the quality of the target system.


You must first decide which system you want to configure as the Workflow Engine. The system must have the following criteria, which are listed in order importance:

High availability

Higher release

Medium system load

These prerequisites are usually best met by the production system.

All the functions of the transport workflow are processed locally in the Workflow Engine. All tasks are processed here and then sent to the logon systems of the users.

Therefore, for anyone who uses the transport workflow, you must create a user with the authorization S_CTS_PROJEC in the system/client in which the Workflow Engine is configured.


To configure the transport workflow:

Log on to the SAP System that functions as the transport domain controller.

Call Transaction STMS and then choose to display the system overview.

Choose to display the transport domain.

Choose the tab Workflow Engine.

Switch to change mode by choosing and select the option Local domain under Location.

Under RFC address, enter the SAP System, the client, and the target host for your Workflow Engine. Save your entries and distribute the configuration change. Log on to the system that is to be configured as the Workflow Engine. The system performs the following actions:

Creates the user TMSADM_WF

Generates the RFC destinations required for the Workflow Engine

Sends all systems in the transport domain the address data of the Workflow Engine

Performs workflow Customizing in the Workflow Engine

Check the Workflow RFC connection.


The transport workflow is active in your transport domain. You must now assign the relevant transport administration authorizations.

See also:

Deleting the Configuration of the Transport Workflow

For more information on transport domain administration, see Transport Workflow (Administration).

For more information for the development team, see Transport Workflow (Development).

However, I get an error message when defining a system as the workflow engine.

RFC system error in system/destination TMSWF@WORKFLOW_ENGINE

Clicking on this message produces the following:

RFC system error in system/destination TMSWF@WORKFLOW_ENGINE

Message no. XT107


An error occurred during RFC communications.

Target system: BIP.DOMAIN_BID(000)


RFC message:SUBMIT authorization WF_DEVLP required for program

System Response

The function terminates.


Correct the error on the whole system and execute the command again.

System log entries for mesapbid (transport domain controller)

12:57:18 DIA 002 000 SAPADMIN STMS Q0 W SAPADMIN deletes


System log entries for mesapbip (production system)

13:01:37 DIA 001 010 TMSADM_WF SWWE D0 1 Transaction


13:01:37 DIA 001 010 TMSADM_WF SWWE R6 8 Perform rollback

13:01:37 DIA 000 000 TMSADM Q0 W TMSADM deletes RFC


We are running NW 2004s SP9 and kernel version 80.

Do I need to set up workflow first before configuring TMS for workflow, or should it work as specified in the online help?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.