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Issue with displaying Decimal points for % Calculations while connectiong to Analysis for Office

Apr 05, 2017 at 07:19 AM


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On executing HANA Calculation view in AFO, values in a calculated column - Formula -
(A/(A+B) *100) shows without decimals.

Decimal places setting is done in HANA. And in HANA, it shows decimal places in output.
But in Analysis for office only .00 is shown instead of right decimal values

In SAP HANA Calculation view
Region Turnover
A1 10.56
A2 9.87

In Analysis for office(using above Calculation view)
Region Turnover
A1 10.00
A2 9.00

Can you please let me know what further settings are to be done in HANA inorder to avoid decimal issues.

Thanks a ton in advance.

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2 Answers

Steve Wing Feb 12 at 09:55 AM


I am getting exactly the same issue.

Did you find a resolution?



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Steve Wing Feb 12 at 02:50 PM

Found the solution, in case anybody is interested:

The problem was only there when the view was used from AfO. The calculated column was a DECIMAL with two decimal places and the formula was:


When called from AfO it seems to perform the calculation in two stages

1. Numerator / Denominator - but the result is represented in the format of the column so 123 / 4567 = 0.026932 but, because of the two decimal places, gets represented as 0.02

2. Result of step 1 * 100. In this example 0.02 * 100 = 2.00

I got around it by changing the formula to (Numerator*100)/Denominator. So there is no chance to lose the decimal places:

1. 123*100 = 12300

2. 12300 / 4567 = 2.693234 but is represented as 2.69

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