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Every CDS consumption view should be activated to get consumed in lumira or fiori.

Apr 05, 2017 at 06:06 AM


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1. As i saw all inbuilt consumption views in system were not available in lumira, for there is no annotation '@analytics.query : true' available for every consumption view. we need to add that annotation and activate every view individually?? or is there any other way to get that in lumira??

2. hope the same way we need to do for accessing comsumption views in fiori also with odata publish annotation. right??

3. How can i select particular Consumption view which suits for my KPI(requirement) among numerous consumption views.


Praneeth Ch.

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Sean Zhang
Apr 05, 2017 at 08:28 AM

I think you subject is not consistent with your questions in the body.

firstly, all the CDS views have to be activated to be consumed, because CDS is also an ABAP object, it has to be activated to be used in other places.

1, for your first question, if the CDS view is annotated with analytical query, then it could be consumed by analytical tools, e.g. BW tools. but I think Lumira expert could say something whether it's the case for Lumira.

2. the CDS could be annotated odata exposure, in this way, each CDS could be exposed as one OData service. but at the same time, you could include several CDS into one SADL OData service.

3. one way you could check the description and document for each released consumption view.

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Hello Sean,

Thank you very much for ur reply.

I am sure with out annotation '@Analytics.query: true' we can not see in lumira since it will not generate transit query.

I saw many standard consumption views which were generated by SAP and not annotated with @Analytics.query: true.

How can i use such consumption views.

How can i use these on my lumira??? and i dont think it will not be available in fiori also since it was not annotated with '@OData.publish: true'.

Praneeth Ch.

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in this way, I don't think you have the way to consume it in Lumira directly. but you could create your own one, and adding the annotation.

in the mean time, you could also add the odata annotation in your own CDS beside creating your own SADL OData service based on the CDS in SEGW.



Hi Sean Zhang,

I have used customized views with annotation @Analytics.query: true and i have consumed in lumira too.

As i heard we were having 100's of sap provided cds views which were ready to use. i am wondering how can i get those views in my lumira.

Praneeth Ch

Peter Inotai Apr 05, 2017 at 08:54 AM
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