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Query stripping does not working on Key Figures Bex - WebI reporting

Apr 05, 2017 at 05:24 AM


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Hi All,

I have an issue regarding Query Stripping in WebI report when datasource used is Bex Query.

Issue - Query Stripping doesnt work on measures while refreshing/creating WebI reports. Basically we have some Measures which have complex logic in Bex level. But those Key figures are not being used in this BO report, but still seem to be calculating hence causing the delays.

Now, when i create a webI report and only include dimensions in report, query still takes all the time to refresh and ends up with Corba error.

I did read some articles where many are facing such issues but didnt get a solution or any KBAs.

So, basically, if i keep 2 dim and 1 measure in report, MDX generated is for 2 dim and all the KFs causing the delay.

Current Workaround - For now, because all the dim used in report are coming from one info provider, we have filtered the provider in Set variables section to avoid the performance issue. But, this won't work if I need to add objects from diff providers used in the same bex query.

Can anyone please help if this is how it behaves and a solution to this would be of great help.

BI version : 4.2

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Apr 05, 2017 at 06:04 AM

is it your bex query running in BW?

check in RSRT.Cobra error comes when volume is high.

keeping atleast one measure object in query is not manadatory in BI 4.2 as i am assuming you are using BICS. it was required in BO 3.1 .

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Hi Amit,

This is an issue in BW too, because of many calculated KFs, but I just want to understand if Query Stripping in Webi is not stripping unwnated KFs while generating MDX based on objects taken in report.

It seems that though we have KFs in report or not, all the KFs in report are always refreshed while running the query.

Above example of including 2 dim 1 KF in report is just for reference. Report ideally uses 3 Bex queries where this bex query is giving the issue bcz at bex level complex calculations are done but not used for this particular report.

As mentioned, if i filter that info provider in report, query works just fine.




Query stripping is not going to be help.your query is not running in BW.

It seems issue with how query is design or objects clubbed from multipl dso/ is coming from how many dso/cubes?what is the volume is each?