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What if BI Service account password change is required?

Apr 05, 2017 at 05:13 AM


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Hello All,

My PROD BO environment is working absolutely fine since last 1 year. It's a cluster environment, Windows AD SSO enabled and now almost 700 reports are already scheduled on same.

Now, Client requires password change for BO service account which is BOAdmin user in my case.

Please let me know what all things I should be taking care of or should be aware of while doing this, before doing this and after this?

Like, I need to shut down SIA first and then need to change password given for SIA and tomcat manually. No scheduled reports will run while performing all this activity.

Do I need to recreate SPN's?

Please provide proper sequencing of operations to be done while changing password activity.

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Apr 05, 2017 at 02:39 PM

You need to stop the SIA and need to update the new password in the SIA->Properties->Password.

Apart form that if same username is used in the WinAD authentication setup then need to update the password in CMC->Authentication->windows authentication.

If you have not generated KEYTAB then In Tomcat properties->Java tab need to update the password if you have used static password.if KEYTAB is generated then need to generate again for new password.

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Thanks a ton Amit for answering.

Along with the above points mentioned by you, I just want to confirm that do we need to recreate krb5.ini file too? As we need to provide password while running kinit command for ticket generation.

Also, let us know, is there any condition like password should not contain special characters in it? Or it is completely fine if the new password consists of special characters in it like %, ^, ( etc.

Please Help !!


The krb5.ini file can remain intact, it is only the keytab file that must be updated.