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Oct 25, 2006 at 05:48 AM

MDM Questions


Dear MDM gurus,

Question # 1 :


Kindly let me know the steps to be done in MDM once have identified the business structure.

like Step 1: Create main Table & look ups.

step 2 : Create an Hierarchy et all.

Is a Hierarchy always required.

Question # 2 :


Say I have a main table with fields AF1,AF2,BF1,BF2 and CF1,CF2 and I have a structure like

A (Af1 - Af2)

B (BF1 -BF2)

C (CF1)

I want "A","B" & "C" to be categories for easy search.

Kindly let me know how to add data records to categories.

In the above case say I have 2 data records in the main table, how will it look after the data records are added to the Categories.

Greatly appreciate your inputs.