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Oct 24, 2006 at 09:09 PM

start new task for select statements



I have question,

I am trying to select documents from BKPF depending on selection screen,


s_bukrs ____

s_budat ____ ____

s_monat ____ ____

s_gjahr ____ ____

for a particular CC for one month there are huge no or records, because of that its taking hrs and hrs to run. I am following the Indices and fields order , no into corresponding fields ...everything...its just because of no of records its taking time.. for those no of records I need to select item data from BSEG table which is more time consuming.....

my question is

I want to divide the 1 mon period into 4 weeks and select 4 times at a time in background task so that 4 work processers are used instead of 1.

eg: if I give for 1 mon 01/01/2006 - 01/31/2006

I want to split it into

01/01/2006 01/08/2006

01/09/2006 01/16/2006


. 01/31/2006.

select individually for these dates at a time into 4 Internal tables, I hope any one understood what I mean. Is that Possible ?

Am I asking too much ?

please let me know the solution.