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Data element documentation upload function module

Apr 04, 2017 at 07:56 PM


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Hi All,

Need to upload documentation for data element please let me know the function module for upload process. Generally we have more than 100 of custom data element need to maintain documentation for every data element.



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Horst Keller
Apr 04, 2017 at 08:23 PM

What do you mean with "upload"? Data element documentation is stored in ITF format with id DE in the respective tables DOKIL, DOKHL, DOKTL. There are function modules like DOCU_GET that read such documents into internal tables. Of course you can write yourself a faster SELECT for that.

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Thanks for your response,

I mean to say is there any way or function module,Etc to create data element documentation. Generally to create data element documentation we need to go to SELL->Data element name-> Then maintain documentation of respective data element or by certain transaction SE61. Instead of going through this process I need some function module or class where can create documentation.



You can use the following function module to call the editor:

     id = 'DE'
     langu = sy-langu
     object = 'S_CARR_ID'.

But this is also interactive. I don't know if there is any FM to directly load an ITF table to the database tables. Check the function modules of package SDOC, but I don't think there is a mere "upload"-function module. I myself do it with Open SQL, but for that you must be very, very careful to get all the table entries right (and therefore, I don't show it here ...).