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Former Member
Oct 24, 2006 at 04:04 PM

HOw to action from reportRSXMB_SHOW_REORG_STATUS


Hi All,

I have setup archiving correctly based on a number of documents, but when I run the jobs, it says zero messages archived. So, based on note 872388 I ran program RSXMB_SHOW_REORG_STATUS, to see the status of my messages.

It says that out of 771 messages, 771 still need reorganization.

Then it says:

Number of messages to be flagged for archiving

Message and adapter status is ignored in the following

- Msgs not in retention period (can be archived): 216

- Msgs in retention period (cannot be archived): 0

Message and adapter status is considered in the following

- Messages to be flagged for archiving: 215

Number of messages already flagged for archiving

- Messages to be archived: 0

So, basically, 215 can be flagged to be archived but they have not been. So, nothing will be archived until this happens. What program can be run to do the reorganization.

Kind Regards,