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Oct 24, 2006 at 12:29 PM

XML File -> Problem.with naming tags with XI standard functions



simple (?) problem:

Receiver expects an XML file via file adapter.

(The source data comes from an RFC connect to XI.)

In the XML tags like these are expected (following W3C definitions):

A) </gdt:ValueGroup>

How to define a data type with a ":" in its name or to convert it to the required tag?

B) <gdt:ExtendedAttribute gdt:guid="4c102d6b077de7c1f0e27391e40bb80f" gdt:code="X01" >GR2 LI3</gdt:ExtendedAttribute>

This one is a real nice one. The part with "gtd:guid=" within the tag is variable. How to add such values into tag names?

Any ideas if this is possible with standard and how.

If this is the limit of XI I think we need an XSLT- or JAVA-maping program to generate the required file.

Thank you for any help!

Best regards