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Oct 24, 2006 at 12:04 PM

price for consignment stock(very very urgent)


Hi all,

i am writting a report on consignment stock.i am taking material from MKOL table where as i am taking consignment price from MKOP(konpr) table if TCURM-konsi = ''.

that means if tcurm-konsi is initial then it will extract the pricing data from MKOP.

i checked the TCURM table in which konsi field is 'X'.that means tcurm-konsi is not it will not go for MKOP data.

IN the mean while , i checked MKOP table but there is no records present at is fully empty.

Now, if not TCURM-konsi is initial.

then from which tables, i will get the related pricing data for consignment.

so, from which table i have to take the consignment price & per unit price as well.

any idea will be highly appreaciated.

it is very urgent.plz advice me on this.

Thanks & regards