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Oct 24, 2006 at 10:30 AM

Storage of IDOC definitions in Integration Repository


Hi there,

I'm trying to define development standards for the use of XI and I can't seem to find any recommendation for the storage of SAP interface definitions (IDOCs, RFCs, etc)within the Integration Directory.

We have an environment with multiple SAP systems including regional R/3 systems which have differing definitions of standard IDOCs - eg different ORDERS05 IDOCs, so do I need to store these definitions in system specfic SWCV?

My thought is to create a Product in the SLD (OUR_BASIS) with multiple SWCV relevant to specific SAP systems (OUR_BASIS_R3_EUROPE, OUR_BASIS_R3_USA etc) each of which could be brought into the Integration Repository to store the system specific objects. The names are non-SID specific to prevent naming issues moving through development, quality and live XI environments. I would then link the product to each of the SAP systems in the SLD, adding new SWCV as more systems are put into the SLD.

Does this seem like a reasonible solution? Does anyone else have or know of other recommendations?

I will be grateful for any assistance and will dish out reward points as appropriate.

Many thanks,

- Ian