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Why is the expected status of a web application "STARTED" although the start mode is MANUAL?

We defined for a web application the startmode manuel. nevertheless the application is started with each start of the application server java.
The MMC is showing the manual mode but as expected status running.

I already removed filters from configtool but the behavior didn't change.

Any ideas?

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2 Answers

  • Apr 05, 2017 at 06:17 AM


    Can you check if the filters are present at instance level, they override the fillers set/removed at cluster level

    Refer to (some of these points might not be applicable here)

    1. Cluster-level filters are spread over all instances. Instance-level filters override cluster-level rules.
    2. The order of the specified filters is significant. Latest rules have higher priority.
    3. If you need an application started and it has references to offline server components (services, libraries, interfaces) you should add start filters for the referenced components, too.
    4. Applications with lazy start-up mode will not be started automatically during server startup, even if they are included in a start-up filter. These applications will be started when they are requested for first time. You can find more information about the applications' start-up modes here.
    5. The startup process will take the application runtime references into account. Hence, if there are two applications A and B, where A references B and B has an effective action "stop" while A has an effective action "start", then B will be started regardless of the fact that it has an effective action "stop" (i.e. both A and B will be started). This will also change the expected state of the application B, as present in SAP MMC, to "started" (the same as the state of A).



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  • Apr 05, 2017 at 07:38 AM

    Hi Asha,

    thank you for the detailled answer. The general approach is clear. Also the different start modes are well known.

    In our case only one basic application is started automatically. There are no references between these applications. There is only a reference to a datasource => but the datasource must be available if we want to start our application (this shouldn't be the issue from my point of view)

    I checked all filters on each levels. There are no filters on instance nor template level.

    BTW: we reported an issue regarding the "automatic" creation of filters and this was fixed (see: and the problem occurs on NW 7.3 SP08

    Any other hints?

    => please have in mind: the startmode is shown after the start of the node correctly (start mode MANUAL, but expected state when starting the node is RUNNING)



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