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Release Notes for SAP GUI 7.30 Patchlevel 15

Does someone have or know where to find the release notes for the SAP GUI 7.30 Patchlevel 15? Would like to read the changes.

(My company still runs the SAP GUI 7.30 Patchlevel 4. We first want now to go on Patchlevel 15 and then go to 7.40.)

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    Apr 05, 2017 at 04:47 AM

    Hi Martin

    In another post, someone asked also about SAP GUI 730 (and Windows 10):

    • SAP GUI 730 is no longer available for download - support ended 15th of July 2015,
    • SAP GUI 740 is available for download - however full support ends on the 9th Jan 2018 due to Microsoft ending support for Visual Studio 2012 (will be available in restricted support thereafter).
    • SAP GUI 750 is expected to be be released on the 10th May 2017 (Calendar Week 19) with reference to SAP Note 147519.

    You can also refer to the following linksfor more information on SAP GUI 740:



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  • Apr 05, 2017 at 08:42 AM

    Hi Martin,

    unfortunately there does not seem to be an official Release Note. I think there was only what SAP calls the "Content Info" which is attached to the download area. But anyway you would need all release notes from PL5 to 15. And I would doubt that they will be very helpful in any way.

    I would strongly discourage you to proceed like this: You would have to test 7.30 PL 15, 7.40 and 7.50 in a short time, since 7.40 will be unsupported already in less than a year.

    So better wait for 7.50 which will appear in May and skip the rest. If you want to go to a release without security issues, you would have to install 7.40 PL12 immediately. I don't get why you intend to try 7.30 PL15.

    Cheers, Lutz

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  • Apr 04, 2017 at 04:33 PM

    Hi Martin,

    SAP says "SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 is no longer supported since 31st of October 2015" and "SAP GUI for Java 7.30 is no longer supported since 31st of March 2015" Check SAP Note 147519 - Maintenance strategy / deadlines for SAP GUI

    Maybe it's time to switch SAP GUI 7.40

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    Apr 05, 2017 at 07:32 AM

    Thanks Tuncay, thanks Derek,

    the terms about support SAP GUI 7.30 are well known. But things in my company just run slower. Nevertheless I would like to read the release notes to SAP GUI 7.30 Patchlevel 15. So if someone is out there who has them, please send my the information.

    kind regards


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    • Hello Martin,here are the release notes for Patch 15 for SAP GUI for Windows 7.30:

      2015/09/01 Context menu for New tool bar controls(Editbox and Combobox), note 2172289
      2015/09/01 EH&S WWI: Corrections in WWI SP39, note 2199729
      2015/09/01 Enhanced Search: sometimes typed value disappear after ENTER, note 2185489
      2015/09/01 Keyboard: Shift+Del deleted more characters than the selecte, note 2195400
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI ALV Grid: On Selecting full grid old selection is no, note 2179108
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI ALV Grid: Toolip is not displayed for 'Select All' b, note 2170508
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI BARCHART: SAP GUI crashes while displaying tooltip o, note 2175758
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI Calendar Control : On pressing Escape key, popup di, note 2178182
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI Data provider: SAP GUI crashes when data provider is, note 2175059
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI Data provider: SAP GUI crashes when user gives wrong, note 2174366
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI Graphics BARCHART: Self scroll does not work., note 2173154
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI Logon Control : Error Message displayed is not prope, note 2169102
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI Logon Control: Login fails when the SAP system entry, note 2189545
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI NETCHART: Drawing issues in chart after vertical sc, note 2176253
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI NETCHART: Supporting UNICODE texts in print preview, note 2198884
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI Scripting: Script recording and Playback failed with, note 2200569
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI TEXTEDIT Control: file_open_error is coming while up, note 2190066
      2015/09/01 SAP GUI Tree control: Drag and Drop operation is not working, note 2174013
      2015/09/01 SAP Logon (Pad): direct start like saplogon.exe "EntryName", note 2202767
      2015/09/01 SAP Logon (Pad): refresh problem for server Configuration in, note 2207460
      2015/09/01 SAPGUI 740 or 730 crashes inside guirfc.dll, note 2203833
      2015/09/01 SAPGUI ALV Grid : Row Selection Arrow is not reversed in RTL, note 2175122
      2015/09/01 SAPGUI ALV Grid: Animated Focus is not appearing for the cel, note 2176149
      2015/09/01 SAPGUI ALV Grid: Celltips are not correctly aligned in RTL m, note 2177002
      2015/09/01 SAPShortcut: error message on the status bar "Cannot start t, note 2115045
      2015/09/01 Scripting: wrong recording when function code isset from bac, note 2199928
      2015/09/01 Tabchain: Ctrl+Tab didn't jump to the list Element in ACC mo, note 2177642

      Kind regards,