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Oct 24, 2006 at 06:56 AM

How to deal with relation



I am trying to import two beans(TestBean and HelperBean)into my Web Dynpro project to create a model. These beans are dealing with a List(ArrayList). This List is considered as a Relation. I am facing problem in handling this relation.

I am having both the TestBean and HelperBean in the same package. Below is the code of TestBean. This bean is in turn calling HelperBean ,which is returning a List.

I am getting an error while creating model -

<b>[Error]: There are one or more relations unresolved. Importing the model without resolvoing the relations might result in erratic output.</b>

<u><b>Code For TestBean</b></u>

public class TestBean implements Serializable{
	private List customerList= null;
	HelperBean helper = new HelperBean();
		public void execute(){
								customerList = (ArrayList)helper.getCustomerList();
			catch(Exception ex){
	 * @return
	public List getCustomerList() {
		return customerList;
	 * @param list
	public void setCustomerList(List list) {
		customerList = list;

I am new to Web Dynpro and don't know how to deal with relation.Please inform if there is some solution.