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Oct 24, 2006 at 06:19 AM

Why do we need the table TCURF?


Hi Friends,

Can't we get our currency translation job done without our sweet currency factors table TCURF. Say we want to convert fig's from FROM curr to TO curr at Daily avg rate (M) and we have an exchange rate as 2,642.34. Factors for this currency combination for M in TCURF are say 100,000:1.

Now my question is can't we have an exchange rate of 0.02642 and not at all use the factors from TCURF table?.

I suppose we have to still maintain factors as 1:1 in TCURF table if we are using exchange rate as 0.02642. am I right?. But why is this so?. Can't I get rid off TCURF.

What is the use of TCURF co-existing with TCURR.

Please enlighten me!!