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Oct 23, 2006 at 07:53 PM

Migrate SAP SQL Server database to co-exist with others



We have a standalone WAS 6.40 system on Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000, central instance and MSCS clustered. Everything runs OK no problems. Recently, network group brought a huge server and planning run let's say 20 or more SQL Server databases. None of these database is for SAP. Now, we want to save some SQL Server license money by consolidate our databases and we want to migrate our SAP SQL Server database to this server and co-exist with other SQL Server databases. I have several questions:

1. Is this configuration work? I understand theoritically it should work without problem. But as we all know, SAP often have specific requirements for the database configurations, collation is a example. Of course, we can't change standard microsoft SQL Server configurations to just meet SAP's requirement as we have other many sql server database on the same server. We also are aware that if one of application requires SQL Server be updated or patched, etc, all databases will be effected.

2. Is this new configurations are recommended or there are too risk to do? Our SAP instance is a mission critical, 7x24 system. We certainly don't want any problems could be caused by other non-SAP database/system activities.

3. Anyone have similar experiences (good or bad) or comments regarding this kind of architecture/configurations? I appreicate if you can share with me.

Thanks and regards,

Yujun Ran