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Oct 23, 2006 at 07:13 PM

external context mapping


Hi everybody,

I have a question please help me out.

As stated in tutorial 14 (Server side eventing):

<At design time, a Web Dynpro component does not know the context structures of its embedding Web Dynpro component. Therefore, it is not possible at design time to map context elements in the component interface controller of Web Dynpro component A to context elements that belong to a controller context of Web Dynpro component B, which has declared a usage of A. However, if Web Dynpro component A itself uses another Web Dynpro component within itself, this is possible (general context mapping)>

Let say that I have some properties (let say some options)in component A to be set from component B. Is there any way to do an external mapping given that component A is not inside component B (embedding component) or I must create a new method with parameters in interface controller A to be called from component B?

Thanks a lot guys in advance