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Design Studio 1.6 remove variable value from datasource

Apr 04, 2017 at 02:08 PM


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I'm using the function DS_1.setVariableValue to fill the variable.
How can i remove the variable value or set it to init state?


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Hi Stephan - what is your data source?

And after reading this: where it says "Beware of “setVariableValue/Ext” – Use “setFilter” even if a corresponding variable is available" - what is your use for setVariableValue?


Hi Tammy,

my data source is a BW query. In the query the variable is used to restriced some of the key figures. That's why we use variable instead of filter. The value of the variable is controled by a dropdown box. In the initial state nothing is set. User can use the dropdown to select single value. But if the user go back to start (home button) I can set the drop down back but currently not the variable value to blank or *


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Agata L. Apr 04, 2017 at 03:19 PM

You can try:

APPLICATION.setVariableValueExt("OMS_MMS", "(ALL_MEMBERS)");

I think the variable needs to be set to optional.


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Hi Agata,

if I use the paramter "(ALL_MEMBERS)" Design Studio 1.6 shows the warning message in script editor Value is not valid. The BW query does not bring any result.
But I found a solution: I use the selected value of my drop down with DROP_DOWN.getSelectedValue() even if it returns also (ALL_MEMBERS), but it works :-)


Sorry for a dumb question. Are you sure you used the Ext setting? You will get a warning you described if you try to use.setVariableValue without Ext, but the script editor should not complain if you use .setVariableValueExt.


No dumb question. I checked it again and with method DS_GLOBAL.setVariableValueExt("VARIABLE", "") it works. The Parameter "(ALL_MEMBERS)" doesn't show any script warnings, but during runtime the systems says the value is invalied. Anyway I have my solution now. Thanks for your help.

Poovarasan Boopalan Apr 05, 2017 at 05:30 AM

Hi Stephan,

If you don't know the value of variable at initial state of dashboard, you can have a global variable(say "variable_value" ) in your application.

In start-up get the vale of your bex variable in this global variable as

variable_value = APPLICATION.getVariableValueExt("VARIABLE");

Then assign it when you needed as below

APPLICATION.setVariableValueExt("VARIABLE", variable_value);



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