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Track deleted shipment costs?

Apr 04, 2017 at 01:57 PM


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I have a doubt about Travel Management, I think this is the correct tag, if not, please move to the correct one.

Well, when a user goes to VI02 (Change Shipment Costs) and delete all the document, I need to track that document. Is that possible?

I have a case, where a user had a transport document with a shipment cost, and today when he wants to go to visualize that shipment cost, SAP tells him that it does not exist.

I have verified the table VFKK, and indeed the number of shipment cost does not exist (FKNUM).

The strange thing is that user claims that he had already created it, and says that someone must have deleted it via VI02.

How could I verify this?

Any advice?

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Veselina Peykova
Apr 05, 2017 at 06:30 AM

Hello Osvaldo, I am not sure that FIN Travel Management is the right tag, it makes more sense to use tags related to logistics execution (looking at the transaction code, which you mentioned). I tried in a sandbox (I deleted a shipment cost document) and I can see that this creates change documents, which are visible in report RSSCD100. You can also see the transaction code, from which the deletion occurred.

There could be an easier way via a more user-friendly transaction (you would not want to grant this report to end users) but this was the first option, which came to mind.

change-log.jpg (90.0 kB)
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Thank you for clarify the tag doubt here.

About the topic, can you tell me what Object class did you use to see that changes on log please?


This is for class TRANSPORT (I get a log of changes, because deleting a shipment cost document results in status changes in VTTK and VTTS, which, I think is the standard setting for this object in SCDO).

I saw your other comment about changes in VT02N, which were not shown in the change log - if you can provide an example of the field, I could check how this reacts in my old sandbox.

Are you 100% sure that you have sufficient authorizations for VT22 (I assume that you are looking for a problem in a production system)? I am asking, because I have encountered in the past a problem - not being able to view change logs due to limited authorizations.

If there are also no entries in the change document tables - could it be that the cost document was not saved for some reason, like terminated updates? (I am probably stating something, which you have already done, but just in case...)


I'm sure about authorizations, I'm working with sap_all on different environments. The RSSCD100 program does not work to me.

I did a new test, and VT22 did not work either :(


The program just reads the change document header and item tables - it is similar to the output of AUT10, there is nothing really special behind it. I am sure that you are selecting with the correct object key, I won't ask you to double-check that :).

Do you see anything at all for shipment change documents in VT22 or just this entry for changing cost calculation status is missing? What if you pick a random shipment (fully processed) and look if there are any logs in VT22?

What you describe, is really strange - at least in regular foreground transactions like VI02 or VT02N I would expect change documents to be created for data element FBSTA. I would not assume that anybody would deactivate that, unless there was a very good reason, which you would already know.

If you can see change documents for cost status changes for other shipments, but not for this one and:

1/ there were no terminated updates around the time the cost document was created;

2/ you are sure that the user has created the cost document in production and not in some test system (don't laugh, it happens);

3/ and that the user provided the correct shipment number,

then what about some custom mass processing programs? Is it possible that a colleague of yours has used something like that for a related ticket?

It is very unlikely that a user with sufficient authorizations would delete directly anything in a production system, but once I saw a not very well thought out exit interfering with proper change document creation.

I assumed, that this is a relatively new shipment, otherwise the user would not have run a report to check shipment costs, but Jürgen is right, archiving is also a possible reason.


Hi Vaselina, thanks for your info.

Just to be clear, see this screen:

Then the VT22:

The execution

change1.png (16.4 kB)
scr1.png (11.7 kB)
scr2.png (6.1 kB)
Jürgen L
Apr 05, 2017 at 02:51 PM

If you don't find anything with RSSCD100 then you wont find anything in VT22 as both are looking into the same tables CDHDR and CDPOS

If you don't trust those reports then use SE16 and try to find it in those tables.

If something vanishes and there is no change document, then it can have 2 reasons

- archiving, as archiving includes the change history. You may want to check in transaction SARA if you can find recent archiving runs for SD_VFKK object

- posting failure and dumps, the record never made it to the database even it showed already a number to the user. This has to be investigated in SM13 and ST22

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Hello Jürgen, thanks for the info.

I'm beginning to think that in this system they have disabled the change logs for these tables, perhaps because of a performance issue in the database. I'm under ECC 6.0.



I talked to a systems manager and he actually comments that despite SAP recommendations, they decided to leave only certain change logs active to save space in the database.


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Former Member
Apr 05, 2017 at 09:34 AM

Hi Osvaldo,

You can try VT22 tCode.


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Thanks., I've already tried that, and nothing there... is it possible that something should to be set up for log modifications into transport documents? I mean, I see a doc by VT03., then went to VT02, modify something, and save. VT22 does not show anything :(