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Oct 23, 2006 at 10:05 AM

Agent determination for workflow


Hi everyone,

I have a classic issue: I'm trying to assign a workflow task to an agent. The agent should be determined from the container element "APPROVER". In the task I've entered the expression &APPROVER&; however, I'm receiving error "Agent determintaion for step 4 failed..." "Result of agent determination does not agree with agents of task". And, yes, I've made sure the APPROVER element is of type Import and has a proper value.

I don't get this; I thought setting the agent to the value of the container element should do the job? After all, the container element "APPROVER" comes up in the F4 search help under the Decision tab of the task... what's wrong here?

The WF works fine if I set the "WF_Initiator" as the agent, however. But, this is a bit limiting in the long run...