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Oct 23, 2006 at 09:39 AM

Customer Master : Screen Enhancement


Hi Friends,

<b>Requirement :</b> Need to add a <b>custom display</b> field(zzind_grp) in Customer Master.

<b>1.</b> TAB : "Marketing" and the same field(zzind_grp)

should be appended to KNA1 which is done.

<b>2.</b> Valid combination of Industry code(BRAN1) and zzind_grp is maintained in a custom table.

<b>3.</b> When user changes the existing Industry code then Industry Group also should be changed and saved in KNA1.


I'm using following BADI to achieve the same -



This BADI is not meant to add the custom field in standard tab ( which is my exact requirement).

But using this i'm getting an additional button in the tool bar and when i click on this button i get a set of tab and i'm populating my custom field in one of the tab.

<b>PROBLEM :</b>

When i change the industry code (KNA1-BRAN1:standard field) and then i click on the additional button at tool bar then value for the custom fields getting changed ( based on custom table maintained ) BUT when i change the value of standard field BRAN1 and click on SAVE button Without clicking on additional button created by BADI , changes are not saved to the KNA1 for this custom field.

<b>Note :</b> If i get a exit/BADI by which i can change the general data ( KNA1) at the time of saving then my problem will be solved.<b></b>