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Oct 23, 2006 at 09:36 AM

ABAP Objects - real example


Hello everybody,

can someone please navigate me to some "real example" of using abap objects?

I went through demos in sap (I am using SAP R/3 4.6C) in transaction ABAPDOCU, I have a book Horst Keller: Abap Objects (where partially the object orientation is written), I am reading articles in SAP professional journal or on web, etc.

This is all nice, but no real example can I find.

What I mean with real example:

For example report, where I select data from database ("select *.." or "get ..." etc.), put this data to internal table, maintenance these data, output these data.

Or: in dialog programming write simple dialog, get data from PBO/PAI, put to into it, write data to database table, etc.

I have tryed the first case: simple, but meaningfull report, and I start to struggle with problems - if I will have internal table it should be variable of given class, and the table will be in interfase? Or it should be in some "global class main" - but - it is recomended to have as possible protected/private data - so if I will have global data it is worse programming behaviour the to use old procedural approach...

So generally, WHERE are some examples, where all standard behaviour of procedural programming is shown? - like

<i>- put data to internal table/get if from it,

- communication with dialog modules/calling selection screen,

<i>- open text file in present. server, </i>

<i>- preparing data for batch input processing, </i>

<i>- exist abap objects equivalent of logical databases or (we, application programmers) have to write it by ourselves? </i>

<i>- where are some real programs in R/3 4.6C, which are written fully object oriented? (but please not in HR module 😔 )</i>

<i>- etc.</i></i></i>

Are these things available to use in version R/3 4.6C?

Thanks a lot,

Alexander Talac.