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Former Member
Oct 23, 2006 at 06:32 AM

The difference between BPS and Integrated Planning


Dear all,

I need some help with defining the difference between BW-BPS 3.5 and BI Integrated Planning.

<b>i.</b> When I was using BW-BPS and making the Planning Folder I was able to assign several Input Layout in one sheet. And I used them as a button to change the layout. But in BI Integrated Planning, I had to use the workbook to make the layout and I only can assign one layout per one sheet. How can I assign several layout and change them back and forth like it was possible in the BW-BPS 3.5 using the Input Layout buttons?

<b>ii.</b> And about when to execute the Planning Function which were assigned to the button, can I also choose the timing like BPS in the BI Integrated Planning?

<b>iii.</b> When defining the variables,we were able to define it from the plural number of characters in BW-BPS 3.5. Can I also do this in BI Integrated Planning? Can anyone tell me how?

Best regards,

Sunao Nishimura.