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Oct 22, 2006 at 07:15 PM

URGENT: Error with query on MultiProvider



I am designing a query on a MultiProvider that combines a cube and ODS. the common characterisitics in the cube & ODS are Material, fiscal period, country.

I have 2 rows & 1 column and several free characterisitics (mostly navigational attributes of Material).

Rows: KF1 (from cube) & KF2 (from ODS)

Column: Fiscal Period

I have done all the selections & Identification in the multiprovider and set the ODS for BW reporting.

I am not able to get data from ODS with query on MultiProvider.

And i need to add another row that calculates the product of KF1 & KF2. KF1 is sales quantity and KF2 is price identified uniquely by Material/Country combination. When we report at Country level wihtout any material selection the output revenue should be SUM of individual products between KF1 & KF2 (if there are 3 materials (A) sold that have a price of X and 2 materials (B) sold that have a price of Y, the answer should be 3X + 2Y instead of (32) * (XY)/2.

and also i have geographical hierarchy for 0country which is used in ODS & cube. can i use the geographical hierarchy for ODS as well for aggregation of values?