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Former Member
Oct 22, 2006 at 11:20 AM

BUG?: Copy From - List of [Document]s: Can't update fields in Form Settings


Am I missing something or is this a bug?

1. In AR Invoice I kick off 'List of Sales Orders' CFL by selecting 'Copy From' 'Sales Orders'.

2. In 'List of Sales Orders' CFL I hit ctrl-shift-S to change 'Form Settings'

3. In 'Form Settings' form I can't add/change Fields because the dropdown list is populated with empty items.

Other CFLs, like BP, Contact Person, Sales Person and Owner CFLs seem to work just fine.

I couldn't find a SAP Note on this issue.

I'm on 2005A SP01 PL11.

Would you be kind enough to try this on your B1?

It will only take a minute.