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Oct 21, 2006 at 01:05 PM



As per SAP's pattern for "stop collect based on payload", the initial loop needs a condition based on the payload element.

My condition is

<i>(PurchaseOrder./p1:MT_PurchasOrderReq/TotalNumberOfMessages &#8800; MsgCount)</i> similar to SAP BPM Pattern.

I don't get any error in IR or ID, but once the integration process is activated in ID, I see a return code of 99 for this integration process in SXI_CACHE. The Activation log error says <i>'TOTALNUMBEROFMESSAGES' is not a component of data object 'PAYLOAD'</i>

I get the same error if I import SAP's BpmPatternCollectPayload integration process in to ID and activate it.

If I change my condition to (MsgCount &#8800; 3) then it works. Am I missing some kind settings?