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Oct 20, 2006 at 10:09 PM

Issue with Webservice Response . Exception SOAP_ESERVER


Hi all,

we are facing an issue when SAP receives response to one of the webservice calls we make.

Following is from the ST11 log

"SOAP Application CL_SOAP_APPLICATION_CLIENT->IF_SOAP_APPLICATION_CS~EXECUTE_PROCESSING() A SOAP Runtime Core Exception occurred in method XP_READ_FRAGMENT of class CL_SOAP_XP at position id 1 with internal error id 112 and error text(SOAP_ESERVER) (fault location is 1 )."

The response has CDATA tag within the <Data> </Data>.

I understand this is causing problems.

Both Request/Response payloads look good in ST11.

Is there a way to manage this issue.