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Oct 20, 2006 at 09:11 PM

Overwrite Values For "Ready For Input" Variables



I have 3 variables...

1) ZDTERNG - Populated through Customer Exit; Ready for input; Date; Interval Range

2) ZSTART - Populated through Customer Exit

3) ZEND - Populated through Customer Exit

ZDTERNG uses the customer exit to prepopulate the fields with today's date.

ZSTART gets the low value of ZDTERNG.

ZEND gets the high value of ZDTERNG.

Up to this point all of my code is working.

I put ZDTERNG on a date field in my query. But I actually don't want to restrict this field with the values of the variables. I just put it here so that i can get a date input on the variable screen.

So, in the customer exit, i want to replace the values in ZDTERNG with nulls. But appearantly you can't overwrite values for variables that are "ready for input".

Is there a way to change the values of variables that are "ready for input"?