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Oct 20, 2006 at 04:59 PM

Drop down list for User ID's and SAP List viewer format


Couple of quick questions. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1) I need to put User ID on the selection criteria screen. And also, I need to build a dropdown list for user ID selection by finding all user IDs in the Finance department and put it on the list.

2) I need to display the report in the SAP List viewer format, which enable these functions including sorting, hiding fields, filtering, exporting to an excel file as necessary. My output is currently plain vanilla as follows

loop at ibkpf where belnr = ibseg-belnr.

read table iskat with key saknr = ibseg-hkont.

read table icepct with key prctr = ibseg-prctr.

read table icskt with key kostl = ibseg-kostl.


iBKPF-BELNR, " Accounting document number

iBKPF-BUKRS, " Company code

iBKPF-GJAHR, " Fiscal Year Range

iBKPF-MONAT, " Period

iBKPF-USNAM, " Username

iBSEG-BELNR, "Document #

iBSEG-BUZEI, "Item #

iBSEG-BSCHL, "Posting Key

iBSEG-SHKZG, "Debit/credit indicator

iBSEG-PRCTR, "Profit Center


iBSEG-KOSTL, "Cost Center


iBSEG-HKONT, "G/L Account


iBSEG-DMBTR, "Local currency

iBSEG-WRBTR, "Document currency

iBSEG-SGTXT, "Explanation

iBSEG-KOART. "Account type