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Oct 20, 2006 at 10:04 AM

IPC: Maintaining state between checkRequirement() method call



I am new to IPC development. There was a requirement to develop new Routine 600 there are two parts.

1. “Late entry fees” 30£ which are applicable to all the lines depending on a criteria.

2. “Administration fee” 10£ which is once per order regardless on number of line items depending on whether it is late entry.

Eg: Line items:

1 . Product:1000011, quantity: 1, LateEntry:NO, Admincharge:NO

2 . Product:1000001, quantity: 2, LateEntry:YES, Admincharge:YES

3 . Product:1001001, quantity: 5, LateEntry:YES, Admincharge:NO (I should not calculate admin charge if it is calculated earlier, I should return false for 600 routine in checkRequirement() of

I am using and method is checkRequirement() I have coded the first condition for 600 routine. I am facing problem coding the second condition. I need to access all the lines in this method to decide weather admin fees were calculated or not. How can I access other line items in this method? Or simply how can I maintain state between consecutive checkRequirement() method call to decide weather to calculate admin fees or not.

I have tried it with fail, dieing for an answer help please 😊

Thanks in advance,