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Oct 20, 2006 at 08:55 AM

Dialogs in BDCs


Hi everyone

I have a program that generates a BDC session that creates sales orders. We now have a requirement to change this so that as part of the BDC a line item rejection reason can be set. I have doen this using the following:

      PERFORM bdc_input USING:
        c_x 'SAPMV45A' '0250',
        ' ' 'BDC_CURSOR' 'RV45A-S_ABGRU',
        ' ' 'BDC_OKCODE' '=SUEB',
        ' ' 'RV45A-S_ABGRU'   t_grant-late_claim_block.

However, when running the resulting batch job it fails immediately after this bit has run.

When I enter a sales order manually, at the point that I have added the rejection reason I get a pop-up dialog saying that the rejection reason is within the contract start and end dates of the item, in order to proceed I have to click OK.

Presumably it is this that is causing the batch job to fail as it is not 'expecting' the dialog to appear.

Does anybody know how to handle these sorts of situations? I have tried recording a session but (as I later discovered in the Help) dialog boxes are nto recorded.

Thanks in advance