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Oct 20, 2006 at 05:33 AM

kernel upgrade, performance problem



Recently I have done a kernel upgradation(ie 620 to 640 on windows 2003 adv server and SQL DB).

After placing the new kernel,the system did'nt come up.

I studied the trace files and all and found that there is an issue with address space allocation.

Then found some notes which says "if windows 32 bit OS has more than 2GB of RAM( we have 3GB RAM) this problem may occur and the solution is adding this parameter"em/address_space_MB=250" in instance profile.

After doing this the system came up and working fine.

Now the system is up and running from 4 days and the buffers got filled ,hit ratio is above 90%,swaps under control but the customer is complaining of slow response.

My question is, is the parameter "em/address_space_MB=250" has anything to do with performance?

If so, what can be the remedy for this?

except adding this parameter nothing has been changed.

And one more thing is i did'nt run SGEN as there is not enough space and after 4 days the loads should have been generated by normal operation ,I think.This is may be one problem area.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Bapujee Naidu