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Fiori Launchpad - Same webdynpro's but different views.

Hi Guru's

I have a scenario where I need to configure two different fiori tiles that is calling the same WDA but they need to execute two different views. So this is the same;

Application; WDA_WSGM_GR

Configuration; WDAC_WSGM_QAF_GR

But the it differs; - How to configure this in Launchpad/LPD_CUST?

1. First View

Component:SALV_WD_TABLEWindow:TABLEView:VIEW_TABLEApplication Component:BC-WD-CMP-ALV-ABA

2. Second view

Component:FPM_OIF_COMPONENTComponent Configuration:WDCC_WSGM_QAF_GRWindow:FPM_WINDOWView:INITIAL_SCREENApplication Component:BC-WD-CMP-FPM

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1 Answer

  • Apr 04, 2017 at 11:36 AM

    Hi Simon,

    As per my understanding your requirement is to display 2 different views which exist in same Web dynpro component in different Fiori tiles (1 view in each tile).

    If my understanding is correct then you can check if below solution is applicable for your case.

    As I don’t have WDA WDA_WSGM_GR in my system, so will able to roughly tell you the approach to achieve your requirement.

    1. We should have 2 application configuration inside WDA WDA_WSGM_GR. You can create 2 copies of WDAC_WSGM_QAF_GR.

    Let’s name it WDAC_WSGM_QAF_GR_1 and WDAC_WSGM_QAF_GR_2.

    2. Inside each of the application configuration add a custom component configuration.

    Let’s name it WDCC_WSGM_QAF_GR_1 and WDCC_WSGM_QAF_GR_2.

    3. Now considering we have 2 windows inside Webdynpro component.

    Let’s say their name is Window_1 and Window_2, were-in

    a. WINDOW_1 embeds, First View (Component:SALV_WD_TABLE Window:TABLE View:VIEW_TABLE ), and

    b. WINDOW_2 embeds, Second View (Component:FPM_OIF_COMPONENT Window:FPM_WINDOW View:INITIAL_SCREEN).

    4. Inside component configuration WDCC_WSGM_QAF_GR_1, add section for WINDOW_1 and inside component configuration WDCC_WSGM_QAF_GR_2, add section for WINDOW_2.

    5. Post these steps, we have 2 URLs, One pointing to application configuration WDAC_WSGM_QAF_GR_1 (First View) and other to WDAC_WSGM_QAF_GR_2 (Second View).

    a. /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/WDA_WSGM_GR?sap-wd-configId=WDAC_WSGM_QAF_GR_1

    b. /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/WDA_WSGM_GR?sap-wd-configId=WDAC_WSGM_QAF_GR_2

    6. Now put these above URL's in the TILE configuration as shown in the link

    Also you can refer to blog , to have WebDynpro application name given in LPD_CUST.

    Note: There may be already standard “Application Configuration” / “Component Configuration” / “Windows”, so rather than creating custom ones we should go for standard objects if they exist.

    Do let me know if this address your query and in case of any follow-up concerns.



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