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Former Member
Oct 19, 2006 at 08:59 PM

installation problem


Hello Friends,

Iam doing the installation of XI 3.0. I have done the

central instance, database instance, pre and post install steps of ABAP, Pre and post install steps of Java Addin successfully.

Now after doing the preinstall steps of the XI(like changing the thread count, max perm size, max heap size parameters in visual admin) i restarted the server and started with XI installation steps. Now when i give the password of J2EE_admin in one of the steps it says invalid password.

When i tried to login to the ABAP stack with this J2EE_admin user and password it is working.

Also now when i tried to login to the visual administrator it throws this error "<b>Unable to lookup connection Default</b>".

Also when i go to this page http:
hostname:50000\index iam getting "<b>Dispatcher runnning but no server connected</b>" error.

I guess when i restarted the server after setting up the visual admin parameters(Preinstall steps of xi) this problem has started.

Iam really struggling to get past this step.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.