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Oct 19, 2006 at 07:14 PM

Support for IE7 in BSP with CLASSIC design


SAP recently released a note, 986254">986254>, which offers BSP support for IE7 even when using the CLASSIC and DESIGN2002 designs. This note contains corrections for WAS 6.20, as well as 6.40 and NetWeaver 2004s (7.00).

For WAS 6.20, the note originally applied only back to SP50 but after questioning this, version 2 of the note was released which goes back to SP44. I applied this with SNOTE (although the class attribute constant had to be applied manually with an access key due to the limitations of SNOTE in 6.20) in our WAS 6.20 SP44 system and so far all appears to be well.

The correction basically just recognizes IE7 and treats it as IE6 when it comes to stylesheet and javascript support. It seems that is all that was needed for it to work OK.

I also applied the note with SNOTE in my NW 2004s ABAP trial system and it was fully implemented automatically and seems to work there too. I haven't really tested the BSP pages much yet, though.

It's curious to me that the documentation says only DESIGN2003 is supported in NW 2004s yet this note was released to support IE7 in CLASSIC and DESIGN2002 and applies to 7.00. I'll be interested to figure out what this really means, since we're upgrading from 6.20 to 7.00 soon and if we don't have to change the design of our BSP pages, it will save a lot of work due to the way in-house HTMLB extensions were written long ago...

Anyway, I just thought that with the release of IE7 yesterday, this information may be helpful to others who are stuck with CLASSIC or DESIGN2002 BSP pages.