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Oct 19, 2006 at 03:51 PM

Performance issue



I have performance issue on this report, Please let me know if the code can be written in a better way, I am following the indices and order everything,


select bukrs hkont augdt augbl gjahr belnr buzei

budat bldat xblnr blart shkzg dmbtr wrbtr

sgtxt aufnr kostl dmbe2 prctr zztitle

zzterr from bsis into table i_data

WHERE hkont IN so_hkont

AND bukrs IN so_bukrs

AND augdt IN so_augdt

AND gjahr IN so_gjahr

AND belnr IN so_belnr

AND budat IN so_budat

AND bldat IN so_bldat

AND xblnr IN so_xblnr

AND blart IN so_blart

AND aufnr IN so_aufnr

AND kostl IN so_kostl

AND prctr IN so_prctr

AND zztitle IN so_title

AND zzterr IN so_terr.

if not i_data[] is initial.

move i_data[] to t_data[].

loop at t_data.

select single cpudt bvorg waers bstat hwaer hwae2

from bkpf into corresponding fields of t_data

where bukrs = t_data-bukrs and

belnr = t_data-belnr and

gjahr = t_data-gjahr.

modify t_data index sy-tabix.


if not so_cpudt is initial.

if so_cpudt-high is initial.

move so_cpudt-low to so_cpudt-high.


so_cpudt-sign = 'E'.

modify so_cpudt index 1.

delete t_data where cpudt in so_cpudt.


if not so_bvorg is initial.

if so_bvorg-high is initial.

move so_bvorg-low to so_bvorg-high.


so_bvorg-sign = 'E'.

modify so_bvorg index 1.

delete t_data where bvorg in so_bvorg.


refresh i_data.

clear i_data.

clear t_data.

free i_data.

This was the earlier code, code had inner join,

I changed to above manner

Older version


SELECT bsisbukrs bsisbelnr bsisgjahr bsisblart bsis~bldat

bsisbudat bsisxblnr bkpfbvorg bkpfbstat bkpf~waers

bkpfhwaer bkpfhwae2 bsisbuzei bsisaugdt bsis~augbl

bsisshkzg bsisdmbtr bsiswrbtr bsisdmbe2 bsis~sgtxt

bsiskostl bsisaufnr bsishkont bsisprctr bkpf~cpudt

bsiszztitle bsiszzterr

FROM bsis

JOIN bkpf

ON bkpfbukrs EQ bsisbukrs

AND bkpfbelnr EQ bsisbelnr

AND bkpfgjahr EQ bsisgjahr


WHERE bsis~bukrs IN so_bukrs

AND bsis~hkont IN so_hkont

AND bsis~budat IN so_budat

AND bsis~augdt IN so_augdt

AND bsis~gjahr IN so_gjahr

AND bsis~belnr IN so_belnr

AND bsis~blart IN so_blart

AND bsis~xblnr IN so_xblnr

AND bsis~bldat IN so_bldat

AND bsis~zztitle IN so_title

AND bsis~zzterr IN so_terr

AND bsis~kostl IN so_kostl

AND bsis~prctr IN so_prctr

AND bsis~aufnr IN so_aufnr

AND bkpf~cpudt IN so_cpudt "-( BKPF

AND bkpf~bvorg IN so_bvorg. "- (BKPF)

For some selection criteria, the older version is executing fast than new version, but most of the times the new version of code which I changed is executed fast.

please let me know if any changes I need to make in the new version of code to make it better so that for any selection criteria it is executed first.